Group Exhibition: Welcoming New Artists

As you reflect on the title of this exhibition, please take note that none of these artists are new to creating artwork. In fact, they have been working in the arts for the majority of their life and are enjoying success in a regional, national or international contemporary art scene. We are welcoming them, not into an art community to which they already belong, but into the inner most core of Lancaster Galleries, and who we are as a gallery.

When I look at adding to my stable core group of artists, consideration is not measured by the value of their work alone. It is also about the value of the artist. Our artists and our staff share a mutual respect and commitment to art as a connection to the structure of a healthy inner being. Our enjoyment of art takes on many forms. At times it is enough to just allow the visual benefits to be simply that, visual enticement. At times we want to search for a deeper story to give us that connectivity into the creativity. And then, if we take the time to pause long enough, the artist invites us in to the world as they see and live it. Over the years, I have learned to see at least a glimpse of that world thru their art. That is their gift to us. I would argue that we need to find time for that pause; it is one of the essentials to finding our healthiest selves.

Lancaster Galleries is honored to welcome these artists into our core and looks forward to adding their contributions to those already in our stable. We welcome you to visit us often!